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Cheshire's Fall Events!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Say it isn't so......we really are saying Good-bye to summer!  But it's not all bad, especially the line-up of events we have taking place over the next several weeks here in Cheshire.  In just one week we will celebrate one of the greatest events of the season for Cheshire....the 25TH ANNUAL FALL FESTIVAL!


The Cheshire Chamber of Commerce, Sponsors and volunteers of the Fall Festival work together to put on an awesome event year after year....and this year will be the best yet!  This year’s event will feature a variety of talented local individuals, artists & musicians and local Cheshire businesses that make up our fantastic community. They will have terrific food, rides, games and an assortment of fantastic arts, crafts and other vendors from in and around the Cheshire area. I will be working the Kiwanis Booth from opening til 2:00 pm.  Stop by and say Hello....and enjoy your day at the fest!


St Bridget Parish Picnic

The kids are back in school and ready to learn! However, that doesn’t mean the fun stops for the Parish of St. Bridget. Enjoy a beautiful day with your neighbors and friends at the parish family picnic on September 14th. There will be great food and lots of fun for everyone. The picnic is set to follow an outside Mass at 11:00AM. 

Puppet Show

Looking for a fun event for the Kids? Check out the Puppet Show at Artsplace on September 14th. Crabgrass Puppet Theatre is proud to present, “The Pirate, the Princess, and the Pea.” This wonderful voyage puts a little twist on the original Princess and the Pea story that we all grew up with. Come experience the excitement and see what Artsplace it is all about!

Mari's Miles of Smiles

Get ready to run for a great cause! The Mari Hall Family Foundation is hosting the 5th annual 10K, 2x5K relay and kids run. The race is set to be ran through the beautiful streets of Cheshire. If you think you have what it takes, go for the gold and win the cash prize at the finish line. The event takes place on September 20 and is open to registration. September 20th is Mari's 2014 Family Fun Festival!  The race is a big part of the day and very important to the foundation, but the day is for the whole family! So make sure you plan to bring out the whole gang and spend the day for a great cause!

Preparing Your Cheshire Home For Sale

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

It takes work to prepare your home for success on the market......but that work will yield you much greater rewards in the end!  These tips will guide you through the process to help you get the best return on your greatest investment, your home.

 Start with a Home Inspection

Although your property may look up to par, it is beneficial to be aware of any potential problem that could come up later in the process. Every time a buyer walks through the door, they will be looking for the slightest reason to lower the price. The best way to eliminate this issue is to get an inspection on the front end.  Home Inspections usually range from $400 - $800,  but will save you thousands in the end.


Take on the Small Repairs                                                                                                         

After receiving your home inspection, it is time to tackle each problem one step at a time. Whether yourevive your garden, replace a broken appliance or repair a broken screen... every improvement counts.  A new line of caulk in the shower and a fresh coat of grout on the tiles can make your bathroom look brand new. If you are ready to take on your next project, head to Hines Hardware for a great selection of tools, paint, grout and just about anything else you may need, at affordable prices. Just remember, the old 3:1 ratio...you want to make sure that for every dollar you spend, you are getting at least a return of three dollars back in your pocket.


Get Estimates on What You Can’t Fix.

While making repairs to your Cheshire home, keep in mind that the money spent on small projects will give you a positive return. However, there may be a few issues that stretch outside your budget, or the return on your investment may not be worth the dollars spent. In this case it is better to negotiate with your potential buyer than to lay out the larger sums of money at this time.

Clean......and then clean again!

Imaging getting ready for a first date, trying on different outfits, and spending hours in front of the mirror. This is the same way you need to treat your home. Your potential buyer needs to fall in love at first site. It doesn't cost you any additional money, just your time...and it will pay off big. Your home needs a DEEP clean in every corner, nook and cranny.  Appliances, counters, bathroom sink, tub, toilet, closets...everything!  A home in pristine condition will ALWAYS garner a higher selling price point than one that is not.

Get Rid of the Clutter.

It may be hard to clean the house with a pile of boxes, toys, your collections, etc  taking up all the great space. In order to maximize your properties potential, you need to show off the beautiful square footage in every room. It starts with getting rid of the clutter, unused furniture and stacking up your moving boxes in the proper areas;  including the garage, basement or even a storage unit. Check out a list of our Recommended Moving and Storage Companies.


Give your home a fresh look by changing the color scheme or redesigning altogether.  You won’t believe how far a can of paint can really go until you see it for yourself. Give every room a new facial by tearing down that old school wallpaper and rolling on a shiny new color. When a buyer sees the fresh look and modern colors, it is sure to leave a positive impact, mainly in the form of an offer and in dollars.  If you need some help with an interior design make over, we have one of the best designers at our fingertips contact Kristin Bowman Interiors.


Aside from checking every nook and cranny inside the home, a smart seller would spend a day working on the outside as well.  When a buyer pulls into the drive, the first thing they notice is the welcoming look of the front of the home.  Taking extra time to mow the lawn, trim the greenery, laying fresh mulch or planting colorful flowers appropriate for the season are cheap and easy ways to make your house stand out and greet your potential buyers with a warm and friendly welcome. Being from Cheshire, you have your pick of great bedding plants and landscaping essentials! Head on over to Cheshire Nursery, Tower Farms or any of the other fantastic nurseries and garden centers we have in town.

Bottom line...Don't leave money on the table.  A little preparation goes a long way. Do the little things that will pay back in a big way.....in the form of an offer that you will find most acceptable.

For more Home Selling Tips check out our website or give us a call!  We'll be happy to come to you and go through your home with you to make sure that every room is absolutely "SHOW TIME" ready, to bring you the best offer and timeliest sale available today.

Cheshire CT Home Sellers: Here Are What Home Buyers Are Willing To Pay More For

by Sally Bowman Real Estate































Moving At Cheshire Back to School Time

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

It’s that time of year again! Time to check off that school supply list and send the kids on their way. For some families that means a new home, new school and new friends. Moving can be stressful on everyone, but here are some tips that will make the transition a little easier.


1. With a house full of boxes you may not remember where you put that backpack or calculator from last year. If you are starting to pack up the house, be sure to keep all of your school supplies in one box, if possible, and mark accordingly. Be sure to keep a Master List of all your boxes so that you can guide your movers as they are bringing boxes into your new Cheshire home.


2. The first day of school can be a little scary, especially when you are the new kid in class....make it a special occasion by going shopping for a rocking new back to school outfit. And remember, next year will be awesome for back to school shopping because the Outlets of Cheshire will be having it's Grand Opening!!


3. Not ready for those early mornings? Don’t worry, after driving the kids to school you can swing by Main Street Caffe for a cup of coffee- after all, "With Enough Coffee, Anything is Possible"!  This place is known for its great coffee, service and food!


4. Finally, take a moment out of every day to just breath. Between decorating your home and getting back to school, you may forget to have a little YOU time. Take a stroll around town or take in the view from your new front porch. Whatever you do, just remember to enjoy your new home!

Cheshirites...It's Time For The Annual Summer Carnival!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

August is here and the town of Cheshire is getting ready to make the most of the last month of summer fun!

It's time for the Annual Cheshire Summer Carnival!! Come on out next weekend to take a spin on the Swings or get your thrill from the FerrisWheel. Like always, the Summer Carnival will be filled with excitement, rides and lots of great food. In fact, did you hear about the Cannoli FoodTruck or The Pizzeria, Steak & Cheese, Sugar Bakery Cupcakes?  So many great Food Truck choices have been added this year.....on top of all the other great attractions at the fair!  The event is located right across the street from Cheshire High School at Bartlem Park. Mark your calendars for the August 8-9th and we'll see you there!                                                                                                                                                

Cheshire CT Now is the Time To Buy Your Home!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Cheshire CT Concerts, Plays & Fun!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

We are certainly blessed here in Cheshire with many options for summertime entertainment!  Between our fantastic park district and wonderful Elim Park, which is truly a Cheshire Gem, along with a number of restaurants and entertainment venues.....we have many places to go to be entertained.  Coming up are a few events I wanted to highlight:

*St. Peter's Episcopal Church Drama Camp will present Lionel Bart's brilliant musical, Oliver on July 18-19 at Nelson Hall on the beautifulgrounds of Elim Park. You can follow this link for event and ticket information OLIVER!

*Cheshire Park and Rec will once again present their FREE CONCERT series at BARTLEM PARK kicking off Friday night, July 18th at 7:00 pm. The schedule is as follows:

          Friday, July 18 - Soul Sound Revue                                                                                           

          Friday, July 25 - Women of Pop & Rock            featuring Jill Gioia

          Friday, August 1 - Eaglemania

          Friday August 8 - Beau Bolero

* "Ticket to Ride" - A Tribute to the Beatles at Nelson Hall at Elim Park- Event and Ticket information.

* Funky Monkey Cafe- 11 Twelve 13, Dark side of Funk  July 17, Followed by One Drum Reggae on the 18th.

Enjoy what is left of the Cheshire summer and all the wonderful activities coming up!  These are only a few...we'll be posting more as they come along.  HAVE FUN!

Cheshire CT Grows With Meadowview Estates Development

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

ATTENTION CHESHIRE RESIDENTS:  Exciting news— the new development Meadowview Estates, built by Diversified-Cook Hill, is now giving Connecticut homebuyers a brand new place to call home in Cheshire! With homes starting at 2,011 square feet, these custom properties are sure to be the new gem of Cheshire, CT real estate. Meadowview Estates will open another quality neighborhood in the area, offering families the opportunity to focus on their children's education at schools like Darcey Kindergarten, Doolittle Elementary, Dodd Middle School, and Cheshire High School. With four floor plans to choose from, The Amherst, The Berkley, The Cambridge and The Dartmouth;  Cheshire homebuyers can finally invest in the right home in today's real estate market that meets all of their possible wants and needs— a luxury home in the perfect Cheshire Connecticut community.

Features include:

  •  Spacious 9 ft. Ceilings                                                                                                                           
  •  Granite Kitchen Countertops & Tiled Backsplash                                                                                      
  •  Oak Hardwood Flooring Throughout
  •  Optional Covered Front Porch
  •  Energy Star Windows
  •  Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry Professionally Designed and Installed
  •  Propane Fireplace with Remote, Flush Hearth, Painted Grade Mantle  















Cheshire, Connecticut is a great place to live, raise a family, relax and enjoy life's many pleasures and joys. The new Meadowview Estates homes available will provide more area residents the chance to exprience a growing community that places an emphasis on great schools, green space, and community events.  Take this opportunity to explore everything our area has to offer, improve your quality of life with a newly-built property, and let Meadowview Estates be your new place to call home. And if one of these catches your eye, keep in mind the builders would be happy to price other plans for you or make adjustments to the current ones.

Take a look at this!

Ready to take a look at prime Cheshire real estate? Contact us and we'll make finding your dream home a reality.

4th of July in Cheshire CT

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Celebrate the 4th of July in Cheshire, CT. Independence Day in Cheshire begins on "The Green," Tues. July 2rd, at 7:00 p.m, with the Annual Cheshire Free Holiday Patriots concert, from the Cheshire Parks and Recreation & the Cheshire Community band. Come out to the green and enjoy the music.


"The Fourth of July is truly a sacred day on which we should celebrate the blood, sweat and tears that went into the founding of our great nation"  That was an excerpt from the Bennett Family announcement last year, that they were going to be reading the Declaration of Independence.  Although we won't be treated to that reading this year, it is still important to reflect on that document and the day itself, and what it means to Cheshire and each one of us.  Four members from Connecticut signed that paper, the paper that provided for the foundation of this great nation and the unalienable rights that all men were created equal and for the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Many men and women have, and do, fight every day and paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and rights that have been established, and that we enjoy in our everyday lives.  

In whatever you choose to do today, whether it be a wonderful backyard BBQ with family and friends, or one of Connecticut's 4TH OF JULY events, take time to thank the many Military men and women for their service and sacrifice, and keep the meaning of this day in your celebrations. 

Make sure you wrap up your Cheshire celebration with the traditional KURTZ FAMILY FIREWORKS SHOW!  The Kurtz family, 3rd generation Cheshire farmers, have deep roots in the Cheshire community; and have hosted this free CHESHIRE COMMUNITY FIREWORKS SHOW, at their Peck Lane property for many years.  The fireworks will begin roughly at 8:30 pm  Cheshire July 4th Fireworks.


From all of us at Sally Bowman Real Estate....HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE 4TH OF JULY!   GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Summertime Fun in Cheshire CT

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

It's summertime in Cheshire....what should we do?  The kids are so excited to be out of school, they've been waiting for summer since Christmas break was over!  But they're already getting restless and want to know where you are going to take them tomorrow!

Have no fear, the Cheshire area has so many great things to do that are sometimes forgotten simply because we sort of take them for granted.  So we're going to help you out with the Best Summertime Fun Activity List of things to do in and around the Cheshire area:

1. Barker Character Comic and Cartoon Museum- The Barker Animation Art Gallery is open Monday through Saturday and displays the largest collection of animation and cartoon-themed fine art in the Northeast.

2. CoCo Key Water Park- Located in Waterbury, just outside of Cheshire, CoCo Key has a great range of family friendly features including 3 differing 40 ft body and raft slides and a raging adventure river! The Parrot's Perch interactive water play island is crammed with interactive splash play features to keep the kids safely amused for hours on end. There's also a kids' activity pool with Lily Pad Adventure Crossing and water basketball equipment, plus a zero depth kiddie entry area. Coupons are usually available online.

3. Brooksvale Park- The entire family can enjoy swings, playground, hiking, biking, softball fields and even a petting zoo! Open year-round. Four miles from Cheshire in Hamden.

4. Prime Climb Indoor Rock Climbing- Learn the exhilarating sport of rock climbing from the safe confines of an indoor center. Enjoyment for the entire family. Located in Wallingford, just six miles from Cheshire.

5. Cork and Brew- Do something completely different! Get a group of 10 kids together and head on over to Cork & Brew and learn how to make your own Soda! You'll learn how to make Soda from start to finish and then be able to take it home with you....or drink it with your pizza at the end of your experience! Located in Southington, just 6 miles from Cheshire.

6. Golf Quest Family Fun Center- Start With a Round of Mini Golf... Then take a couple of swings at the Batting Cage! Seven batting cages...If you are at the Southington facility, try the Bumper Boats!!! Lots of family friendly fun!

This will give you a good start to your summer, the rest of the list can be found here:  Things To Do In and Around Cheshire With Kids

Enjoy the summer!!  It will go fast, so don't waste a day!

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