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Connecticut...Best State To Live For Well Being!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Connecticut is the BEST STATE TO LIVE FOR OVERALL WELL BEING! That's about the most glowing of an endorsement that a state can get, I'd say. We really didn't need another reason for anyone to want to move to the great state of Connecticut....or to our wonderful community of Cheshire, but we'll take it! 

How did we get this honor? It was based on a set of criteria, of course, that is outlined below:

The First Human Development Index Criteria was based on the Following







The Second (Retooled) Human Development Index Criteria was Based on The Following


















What does it all boil down to? Simply this, that the communities/state in which we live have the capabilities- what people can do, what they can become- to pursue a valuable life. The basic capablities valued by everyone; Good Health, Access to Knowledge, and a decent Standard of Living. Other capabilities that are central to a fulfilling life may also include the ability for one to participate in the decisions that affect your life, to have control over your living environment, to enjoy freedom from violence, have societal respect and to be able to relax and have fun in everyday life.

We all know that our capabilities are greatly expanded or constrained by our own efforts and the institutions & governmental agencies and institutions in our society. People with extensive, well-developed capabilities have the tools they need to make their vision of a "Good Life" a reality.

In Connecticut, and absolutely in Cheshire, these all pertain! We are blessed to live in a wonderful state and even better community!

If you're looking for a new community to live, come visit Cheshire! Not only do we live in the BEST STATE, we've also been named the 16th SAFEST CITY TO LIVE IN,  and our schools are highly regarded! I can tell you first hand from growing up in Cheshire, and living here the majority of my won't find a better place to raise your family! Give us a call and we'll show you around our wonderful community of Cheshire. If you'd prefer to visit our website, you can do that at this link: Sally Bowman Real Estate

Check out homes for sale in Cheshire here:

Cheshire Homes for Sale

Are you looking to build your dream home? We represent some Fantastic New Developments and premier new Cheshire Neighborhoods! Contact our Project Managers: KATIE SMITH-203-996-1712 and CHERYL ROSADINO-203-379-7087

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It's a GREAT time to BUY & SELL HOMES IN CHESHIRE! Let us know how we can be of service to you!

Keep up with news of our community here in our Blog and on our Facebook Page and Google+ Page.

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A Piece of Cheshire CT History in this Enchanting Home!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


661 MOSS FARMS RD, Cheshire

With it's detached barn and art studio, combined with the uniqueness and charm of the 4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath home, this Historic Cheshire home offers privacy and plenty of entertaining & endless possibilities for the discriminating buyer.

You'll find the elegance and grace of yesteryear in the wide panel flooring, three fireplaces, first floor Master - with full bathroom, large Family Room with beautiful built-ins and the 3 additional bedrooms on the second floor.

The front Blue-stone patio, right off the dining room, is just stunning! For the Wine Lovers...home has a fantastic Wine Cellar.








OFFERED BY: SALLY BOWMAN    Call  203-687-8026

If you'd like to see other homes that are available in the Cheshire area, please give Sally a call or visit our website! You can search all homes for sale in Cheshire by clicking on this link: HOMES FOR SALE IN CHESHIRE

You can also search all homes for sale in New Haven County here:  HOMES FOR SALE IN NEW HAVEN COUNTY

Our website has the quickest, most ACCURATE searches available!  Since homes are going under contract at record pace, we'd recommend giving us a call so we can put your personal preferences into our system and notify you as soon as a home with your criteria becomes available. You can also become part of our PREFERRED HOME LISTING ALERTS by signing up at this link:  FREE LISTING ALERTS FOR Cheshire   This will notify you immediately when a home with your personal preferences comes onto the market. You'll find out FIRST...many times before other realtors are even notified! It only takes a few moments to fill out and you can cancel your alerts at anytime.

We're here to help!  Let us know how we can best serve you!

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Record Crowd Expected At Cheshire Half Marathon

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Half Marathon Expecting Record Crowd This Weekend

The fourth 4th Annual Ion Bank Cheshire Half Marathon is expected to hos over 3,000 runners, surpassing last year's record crowd.  The event will take place on Sunday, April 26th, at Cheshire High School, 525 South Main St.   The event features a Half Marathon, a Half Marathon Relay, 5K, Kids Fun Run and the United Healthcare's Healthey and Active Living Festival.  New this year is the Half Marathon Partner Relay and a Corporate Team Competition. 


On race morning, the public is invited to UnitedHealthcare's Healthy & Active Living Festival, which features tons of exhibitors and a variety of family activities. The Half Marathon, Relay and 5K races are mostly flat.  The Half Marathon and Relay feature great stretches on the picturesque Farmington Canal Trail. Participants will enjoy music, cheer squads and water stations with Nuun hydration along the course. The Kids Fun Run is run entirely on the CHS track. After the race, all participants are invited a post-race party with great food and live music from Run for Cover.


Check out the feature in this week's edition of The Cheshire Herald, focusing on a local runner and their drive to participate in the event.
To get involved, or for more information on the race, visit 



Does Your Cheshire Home Have Curb Appeal?

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

The first impression a person has of your Cheshire home is from the outside...your front yard, and front exterior of your home.  We often concentrate on the inside of our home, which isn't hard to understand since that is where we spend the majority of our time, but we can't forget the "face" of our home. If you are contemplating selling your Cheshire Home, then making a great first impression will be what makes potential Home Buyers want to see what's inside your home! So check out these simple, but low-cost, home improvement tips that create great Curb Appeal!

1. Bring a Splash of Color to your Front Door.  Make your front door & whole house stand out from the others by giving it a bold blast of color. If you have a solid wood door that's in good condition you can prepare it to paint a new color, if not buy a new door in an already bold color and forego having to do any of the painting yourself.  Then choose a fantastic door fixture.  Finish with a nice wreath, swag or other ornament that reflects your personal style.

2. Install Outdoor Lighting.  Any type of low voltage landscape lighting provides a big impact on curb appeal and gives the added benefit of safety & security to you and your guests. It is also an added value when selling your home. 

3. Container Gardens. Many times we hear from Cheshire Homeowners that they don't have the time or space to put in flower beds or landscape gardens. This is where Containers Gardens are excellent! You can buy ready-made containers or create your own. You can use varying sizes and styles of containers and of plants and flowers to give your garden an asymmentrical look. It gives you such a unique look with a personal stamp and you can use these containers in the yard or on your porch.

4. Window Boxes. An easy way to bring Curb Appeal to your home, as well as whimsy & charm, are window boxes! Just remember to choose copper or iron for a more traditional look and painted wood for a cottage feel. Flowers should be mixed and matched to suit lighting and color schemes.

5. Outoor Art! We love this category! So many things can be art to different people, but we'll keep it in the basic range.  The key is to choose pieces that complement your home's natural color palette and exterior elements. Water Fountains, Birdbaths, sculptures, and wind chimes are good choices for outdoor art. In fact, water sculptures can serve a dual purpose functioning as yard art and allowing the burbling sounds to soothe;  making hot days seem cooler.

6. Keep your Lawn & Greenery Manicured. One of the cheapest and easiest things you can do is keep your grass mowed and your shrubs and trees pruned and trimmed regularly. Nothing looks better than a well manicured yard and it also shows your attention to your homes maintenance, which in turn let's your prospective buyer know that you "Care" for your homes exterior. That's important because if you Care for your home's exterior, the logical conclusion would be that you MUST CARE for your Home's Interior. Therefore, they will be calling to set up an appointment to see your home.

For more Homeowners Tips visit our website or Facebook page. If you are interested in looking for a home in our wonderful community of Cheshire, please stop by the office or give us a call!  We'd be happy to help in any way that we can.

Cheshire Home Sellers- Warm Weather Radon Testing

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


If you're buying or selling a home, you've most likely looked into Radon Testing.  There's no question, testing for Radon is an extremely important step in buying or selling your home, and the EPA agrees. 

 Radon Is a Cancer-Causing, Radioactive Gas

You cannot see, smell, or taste radon, but it may still be a problem in your home. When you breathe air containing radon, you increase your risk of getting lung cancer. Because of this, we are extremely careful when working with our clients- both Sellers and Buyers- to make sure that the homes they are considering have undergone the appropriate testing.

Radon is estimated to cause thousands of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. each year.


radon health risks

With the warm weather FINALLY arriving in Cheshire, it's only natural that we want to open all our windows and doors and let the wonderful spring air clean out the stale winter air from our homes.  ONE PROBLEM....Radon Testing needs to maintain a testing standard called "Closed House Conditions".  This simply means that you need to keep all windows, doors, and ventillation of any kind that may allow air to escape your home, closed for at least 48 hours during the testing period.  This is critical for getting accurate test results, and when the stakes are this high, you want to follow protocol.  You will be given a Radon Testing Notice with more detailed information at the time of your test. If you feel cannot comply with Radon Testing Protocols, call your Real Estate Agent ASAP to discuss your options.  


We are very fortunate to have a Radon Testing group right here in the Cheshire area, who we have worked with for several years, that can help with any testing or Radon issues you may have....Tiger Home & Building Inspections. They are a family owned, Connecticut business that has been providing these and other Home & Building inspection services since 1992 with a very positive track record. You can read more about them at the following website:


For more information vsit the EPA website: 

* Radon is estimated to cause about 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year, according to EPA's 2003 Assessment of Risks from Radon in Homes (EPA 402-R-03-003). The numbers of deaths from other causes are taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 2005-2006 National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Report and 2006 National Safety Council Reports.



Cheshire CT Home For Sale- 40 BRITTANY CT CHESHIRE, CT

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


   40 BRITTANY CT, Cheshire

















For additional information or photos, please call Sally Bowman or follow this link: 40 BRITTANY CT

If you are interested in other homes available in Cheshire, please contact any of our experienced Real Estate professionals or visit our website. Here are a few quick links to search for homes. HOMES FOR SALE IN CHESHIRE   Cheshire's Premier New Development- MEADOWVIEW ESTATES         NEW CONSTRUCTION IN CHESHIRE.


Cheshire What's That Smell?!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Ugh....Getting our Cheshire homes opened up and cleaned out after a long winter can feel liberating, but sometimes we overlook the odors that are lurking in our homes. Our mother's have always told us that the biggest indicator's of cleanliness are odors.  But what are the odors stemming from? This is critical as some odors can literally permeate through all porous surfaces of your home making it extremely difficult to "Quell the Smell"!  Is it simply Johnny's stinky shoes and socks left by the back door or is it something far more serious like a leaky sewage valve?  So you see, identifying the source of your odor is key to not only eliminating the odor, but making sure that the problem itself is taken care of in it's entirety so that it will not surface again to cause major issues.

If you're having common odor issues in your home, here are some great, easy remedy's to deal with them:

LEMONMmmm....A natural disinfectant that smells so citrusy good, can do so much to get rid of odors. Did you have a smelly fish or seafood dinner? Boil 2 Cups of water, add Lemon Peel and 3 TBSP Baking Soda....your fishy smell will start to disipate. Use the rest of your Lemon (sqeeze the juice) into a spray bottle and use as a mixture to clean kitchen counter tops, appliances, and cutting boards.

VINEGAR- My personal favorite! This multi-purpose product is FANTASTIC, but we're going to start with where it's really useful...the DREADED REFRIGERATOR! If you'd rather do just about anything else than clean out your refrigerator, than grab the Vinegar, this guy is going to be your Best Bud! Throw out your expired food, and wipe down the entire inside with vinegar. Proceed to put a box of Baking Soda in the fridge to help keep future odors at bay!

COFFEE GROUNDS- Bet ya didn't see that coming?! It's true, coffee grounds are absorbant and are great for small, closed-in spaces or for stinky gym shoes! All you need to do is keep a can of coffee grounds in the tightly sealed location, or in the case of the stinky shoes- seal the shoes, with the coffee grounds, in a ziplock bag of sorts (make sure it is airtight), the grounds will absorb the smell within 48 hours!

PET ODORS- These can be the WORST! Thank goodness we can give our Furry Friends a good bath to keep those odors to a minimum! When you're done with a Pet Bath, sprinkle on some Baking Soda on their Fur...then brush it out. They'll smell quite a bit fresher!!

FRESH FLOWERS- Still one of the best ways to banish odors. The smell of fresh flowers wafting through your home is still preferred by many to the other options available today! Having company over for dinner? This is still the easy and beautiful way to get your home smelling lovely, just in time for your guests to arrive.

Need more tips? Check out our website and Facebook page! If you have tips you'd like to share, please post to any of our Social Media pages! 

Are you looking to put your Cheshire Home on the Market? Congratulations! You're taking the first step to a stellar decision! Now, give us a call and we'll partner with you to get your home market-ready & make sure you get the best price your home is worth!


Spring Maintenance Tips for your Cheshire Home!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

It's finally spring in Cheshire and time to get our homes ready for the spring real estate market, which is already moving full-steam ahead. Is your home ready for the many buyers who will see it in the coming days? In order for your Cheshire home to stand out among the many that a potential buyer will take a look at, and for it to get the BEST OFFER possible, you want to have it looking it's absolute best! Don't leave any stone unturned. Make this spring's home maintenance and preparation top notch. Here's our list to help you prepare:

Exterior Windows- Get those windows shining like the commercials we see on Television! No streaks or smudges and definitely no dirt from the winter season! Check all caulk and weather stripping too.

Decks & Patios- Power wash your decks and patios, then stain and reseal. They'll be looking like new again. If you have outdoor furniture, make sure it is staged appropriately.

Exterior Walls- Check for damage from the winter months. This can be cracks, stains, or holes. Repair as needed and be mindful of problem areas that may need more than just a minor repair.

Lawn- Pick up sticks and other debri from the long winter months, mow the grass and trim all shrubs and overgrown trees.  Lay down any herbicides and start your spring lawn care programs. 

In-ground Sprinkler Systems- Maintenance any inground sprinkler systems on the property so that they are in good working order.

Roof- Inspect for any missing or cracked shingles? Make sure to address any issues from winter damage or ice dams to keep your roof in top shape.

Chimney- If you have a stone chimney, check the bricks looking for efflorescence, a white calcium deposit that means your chimney is absorbing water. If you find this is the case, you need to reseal the chimney.

Downspouts & Gutters- Your favorite job! Clean the gutters and make sure all the downspouts are in the right position so water is directed away from your house.

Next Blog post we'll tackle Spring Maintenance on our Home Interior's! For more Home Maintenance Tips visit our Facebook Page and our Website.

If you are looking to put your Cheshire Home up for Sale, you'll want to do that very soon! Give us a call or you can find out what your Cheshire Home is worth by visiting this link for FREE: Get a free CHESHIRE HOME VALUE REPORT

We are here to help in any way we can. We'd love to partner with you to sell your home and get you the Value and Price you deserve for your Cheshire Home! Give us a call anytime.

Cheshire's Premier New Subdivision is Booming!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Coming soon to Cheshire..... a premier new subdivision, Meadowview Estates, and it is booming!  This fantastic new neighborhood has a terrific location with 14 homesite's of 2+ acre lots in a gorgeous setting! The subdivision includes city water and sewer, sidewalks and cul-de-sac. This development is also part of the highly regarded Cheshire Public School system.


HOWEVER.....Over the past week alone, four more lots have been purchased, leaving a total of 7 lots remaining in this incredible developement!  


If you've been considering buying a homesite in this new Cheshire Neighborhood, you need to act now!  Contact our project managers Katie Smith 203-996-1712 or Cheryl Rosadino 203-379-7087.  They're going fast, don't get left behind.


For other homes available in the Cheshire area contact our office or visit our website at: HOMES FOR SALE IN CHESHIRE. You can also search for any homes available in New Haven County right from our site at: HOMES FOR SALE IN NEW HAVEN COUNTY.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect home for you and your family!  Have a fantastic weekend!

JUST LISTED! 74 Quarry Village Rd 74 Cheshire, CT

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Just Listed!     Offered By: Sally Bowman

74 QUARRY VILLAGE RD, Cheshire         $199,900.

Beautifully Maintained Townhome in Quiet Complex!

This 3 Bedroom/ 1.1 Bath home has a sunny Formal Living Room with a lovely fire place and beautiful window seat, Formal Dining Room with slider to the deck overlooking a private wooded backyard. The Kitchen has a tiled floor and plenty of cabinets and space for your cooking needs. Master bedroom has large walk in closet with a great neutral decor, 1 full bath is shared with the 2 other bedrooms which complete the second floor. Laundry is located in the lower level which is un-finished, and ready for you to ceate whatever room suit's your desire. Gas Heat and Central Air. Location is Fantastic & Convenient to highways!

For additional information and photos of this home, please contact Sally Bowman or follow this link:  74 QUARRY VILLAGE RD

If you're interested in other homes we have in Cheshire, we'd love for you to contact our office so we can show you homes that meet your individual preferences. You many also visit our website and view HOMES FOR SALE IN CHESHIRE.  You can also view HOMES FOR SALE IN NEW HAVEN COUNTY.


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