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Cheshire CT Best Real Estate Agents & Company

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Buying and Selling Real Estate is one of the greatest expenditures and most stressful events in a persons life. It ranks #3 in a top ten list of stressful life events. That said, I have a question for you...



Considering the financial magnitude of this event and the impact it could have in your life path, the obvious answer is that you need an exceptionally qualified individual, team and company of Real Estate professionals, recognized for integrity, honesty and local Real Estate knowledge . You need an advisor who understands Real Estate investment and who will listen and guide you, as you make one of the most important investments of your life. In CHESHIRE, CT  only ONE REAL ESTATE COMPANY has been named by an independent source, Prime Buyers Report, as the #1-ONLY REAL ESTATE COMPANY as:

  2.  Agents Met or Exceeded State Licensing Requirements for Knowledge & Reliability.

The name of that company? SALLY BOWMAN REAL ESTATE! That's right...the only Real Estate company, team & agents given this prestigious award position is SBRE. And we are honored that our hard work has paid off!

If you're looking to Buy or Sell a home in Cheshire, give us a call. Hire Sally Bowman Real Estate for the service you deserve. We will listen and put our expertise to work for you. We guide you with professional market analysis and the best choices, so you can decide on the best fit for you.

Buying and Selling your home doesn't have to be the stressful situation that so many people have experienced...you just need the right team on your side. That team is THE SALLY BOWMAN REAL ESTATE TEAM....and we are waiting to serve you!


Cheshire's VETERAN'S DAY 2014

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Whether you are a Veteran or you know a Veteran....today is a day that is significant to you. It is a day to honor our heroes, a time to honor those who have served in the US Military and for those who have made great sacrifices to preserve the freedoms we live with everyday.

"Home of the Free....Because of the Brave".  We seem to hear that more and more lately, and there is a good reason for that.  The men and women who serve in our armed forces exemplify the extaordinary committment to excellence in service, duty and honor that truly goes beyond that of anything you will see in ordinary life....and YES, they have and will lay down their lives for us as many have. Sit back for a moment and think of the magnitude of that statement alone. That is why it is so important that we honor and remember our veterans today...and everyday.

Today, VETERAN'S DAY 2014, seek out our Veterans and do something extra special for them. You won't need to look very far, they are our neighbors, coworkers, family & friends. This day is set aside to honor them for all they have done for us and they certainly have deserved this and so much more.                                                                


Many of Cheshire's restaurants and other fine retail establishments have banned together today to offer our Veteran's FREE meals, discounted services and other fantastic offers for VETERAN'S DAY today. Make sure you take them up on their offers!  Lot's of great food and other items are on the table....literally Smile.  On Friday night, Nov 14th, Nelson Concert Hall will be holding a VETERAN'S DAY TRIBUTE CONCERT featuring Charlie Zahm & fiddler Tad Marks! Last, but certainly not least, our favorite Cheshire History Teacher, Ralph Zingarella will be presenting a Vietnam War Era Talk & Workshop at the Cheshire Historical Society on Nov 18 & 20th.


Cheshire's Community Spirit Shines Though The Night!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Ten years ago, a tradition of hope was born in Cheshire, CT. What began as a fundraiser for multiple sclerosis, has grown into a community-wide festival of light, providing thousands of dollars to local charitie.  Phase one of the "Cheshire Lights of Hope" will start on November 3rd with the assembly of the luminaries that will line the Mile of Hope on Rt 10, followed by the loading of trucks for transport to the area.

The kick-off of Cheshire's 2014 Lights of Hope will take place November 8th. at 12:00 noon at the Congregational Church Green at the center of town. This year will see entertainment of musical performances, face painting for the kids, and many local Cheshire food vendors, followed by the lighting of the Mile of Hope on Rt. 10 at 4:00 pm. Town-wide lighting of the luminaries is set to begin at 5:00 pm.

Last year, 60,000 luminaries lined the streets of Cheshire and decorated Route10. The sale of these luminaries generated over $50,000 to worthy causes. Since its inception, the Cheshire Lights of Hope has raised over $550,000 for local charities!

The financial proceeds from the Lights of Hope festival are issued to Cheshire's Youth and Social Services Department, Mari Hall Foundation, Cheshire Community Food Pantry, Petit Family Foundation, the Josh Budd Fund and numerous others. Also, each year an outstanding student is awarded a $2,500 scholarship in recognition of academic achievement and community involvement. The 2013 scholarship winner was Ryan Hannon, an avid performer, peer advocate and dedicated volunteer for New Haven Hospital.  Congratulations Ryan!

If you have not yet purchased your luminaries, there's still time! Sales will continue up through November 8th. Last-minute purchases can be made the day of the event at R.W. Hines Hardware, PAWS Pet Resort, Main Street Caffe, Cheshire Nursery, and JC Karate.  It's only $12 for 10 luminaries, with 100% of the proceeds helping causes right here at home!

Donations to Cheshire's Lights of Hope are always welcome! Businesses, families and individuals can become a sponsor of the event. Recognition levels begin at $250 and go up to $1,000. Any amount is appreciated, and 100% of the proceeds go to charities in Cheshire! 2014 Platinum Level sponsors included Bozzuto's, Impact Production Group, Osterman and Viron Rondo Osteria. Thank you to everyone in Cheshire who participates in the Lights of Hope!

Cheshire is an incredible place to live! I'm proud to be a resident of Cheshire, as well as a business owner! When you have questions about buying or selling a home here, I'll be happy to help you. If you are new to Cheshire, all of us at SBRE will be happy to be your guide to the wonderful community that makes up Cheshire! When you're looking for a home, my team and I have the local market experience to help you succeed - contact us today!

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Getting Your Cheshire Home Energy Efficient for Winter Weather

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


For many of us in Cheshire the winter season brings visions of the holidays, winter sports and nights sitting around the fireplace wrapped up in a comforter sipping on our favorite hot drinks. For others it causes headaches and sleepless nights of cold or worries over a soaring energy bills.

Instead of worrying, there are things that can be done to limit the damage to our wallet, and still keep you and your family safe and comfortable during the winter months. Here are some “easy to do” energy saving tips to try


  • GET A HOME ENERGY AUDIT- most companies will do this for free.                                                                                                                                                      
  • SEAL ALL LEAKS IN YOUR HOME- including where cables & pipes come into the home and around the sump pump.
  • WEATHERSTRIP WINDOWS AND DOORS                                                                                                                                                       
  • CLEAN FIREPLACE/CHIMNEY BEFORE SEASONAL USE- This includes wood burning stoves
  • ADD ADDITIONAL INSULATION -to attic, basement and exterior walls if needed.

A few other things to consider:                                                                                                                                   

  • Unplug all unused appliances, and electrical components when not in use.
  • Use or purchase Energy Star Products.
  • Install Programmable Thermostats
  • Always turn off lights in rooms not being used
  • Turn down your thermostat at night time
  • Make sure your curtains are open during the daytime (Sunshine) hours
  • Clear Heating Vents of furniture, debris or blocks of any kind


Keep in mind that if you are planning on selling your home, that buyers are very conscience of energy costs associated with a home and will consistently ask for heating and cooling records. Anything you can do to make your home more energy efficient will not only help you, but will help sell your home at a later time.  Now a days, Buyers aren't just looking for the home that's beautiful on the outside….they need it to be energy efficient on the inside for them to scoop it up quickly when it hits the market.

If you're interested in more tips or information on becoming a homeowner in the Cheshire area, give us a call, stop in our office, or check out our website at www.sallybowmanrealestate.com.

If you are a homeowner in Cheshire and are in need of assistance this home heating season, following this link for more information......CONN ASSIST

Cheshire CT North Brooksvale Estates All Sold Out!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


If you are looking to become a homeowner in the Cheshire area, or sell your Cheshire home, give us a call or stop in our office. We'd be happy to show you our wonderful community of Cheshire, the neighborhoods that make up our community, the new subdivisions that you many be interested in building your new dream home in and any Real Estate questions you may have.  Most of our staff has lived and worked in the Cheshire area the majority of their lives so they understand the real estate market fully and can price and market your home with confidence.

SBRE is Pleased to Announce the New Addition to Our Team

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


Nicole loves Real Estate and is passionate about helping people. She knows that Real Estate is the single most important investment that an individual will make in their lifetime, and Nicole will do everything she can to ensure her clients receive all the information necessary to make the best decision for their needs. She knows that it is much more than just buying & selling homes....it’s about making the hopes and dreams of others, become a reality.

Nicole is ready to help you with any of your Real Estate needs, just give her a call or stop in the office. If you see her at the Grocery Store or out in the town don't be afraid to walk up and say Hello. 

We are all very excited to have her as part of our team and know that you will enjoy working with her as much as we do!

Tips for Selling Your Cheshire Home in the Fall

by Sally Bowman Real Estate




The leaves are changing to their beautiful shades of red, orange and gold and the days are getting cooler....it's Fall in Cheshire! While it may not be the most popular season to put your home on the market, there's no reason to wait for spring when the autumn season starts. People are ready to buy homes year round....you just need to be prepared.

There will most likely be less homes on the market this time of year, so preparing your home ahead of time will allow a fast sale to the right buyer. Most buyers don't want to move when the weather is cold and blustery, so the fall is your last chance to position your home with those buyers before the winter season moves in.

The Fall season is beautiful in New England and allows for some amazing decorating both inside and out, but it also means that you need to maintain the exterior of your home so that it shows well to each and every potential buyer.

1. Clean up the Yard. Make sure that the leaves are cleared from the yard regularly and that dead plants and blooms have been cleared. Shrubs should be cut back as well to give your yard a nice manicured look. This will enhance the overall look of your home from the curb when a prospective buyer pulls up to the curb.

2. Clear deck furniture for the season and store accordingly and wash deck,& siding of any mildew, mold that has accumulated with the change of season. This is also the time to put on the storm doors and windows and make sure all windows and sparkling clean for your potential buyers.

3. Embrace the Fall season! Most people love the fall color and the anticipation of the coming holidays. Decorating your home with seasonal arrangements of flowers, scented candles, or pumpkin & spice potpourri can really add warmth inside. Adding lovely Mums to the front porch gives a splash of color that helps create great curb appeal. But DON'T over do it! A little goes a long way.

4. You NEED the right Real Estate Agent! There's a reason you're selling in the Fall, and you need the agent who is experienced, and knows your area

well, knows how to price your home and what it takes to sell your home now. Be serious about asking the right questions so you find the right agent for your needs. Ask around and get referrals.

5. Keep it Light & Bright. The seasons are changing and that means that the sun is setting much sooner in the day. It is critical to make sure that you have adequate lighting in place in all rooms. Your potential buyers need to be able to see each room clearly, every area, at all times of the day. Ask your real estate agent for tips on showcasing your rooms best asset's and how to do that at the different times of day.

6. Make sure your House is Priced Right. Fall is the time of year when your home needs to be priced right from the start. Some people think it needs to be priced lower to sell in the fall and winter seasons, but that is simply not true! It needs to be priced competitively with the market. This is why you need to rely on your real estate agent to know the market and to price your home accordingly.

Lastly, be prepared to move! Once your home sells you need to be ready to move. When people buy in the Fall they want to be able to get into their new home quickly before the weather turns bad. So make sure that you have your plan in place and that once you have the offer on your home, you have set the wheels in motion and will be ready to move when your buyers are ready to get into your home.


For more information about homes for sale in Cheshire or becoming a Cheshire home owner, give us a call, stop by our office or check out our website!

We'd be happy to help in any way we can!  www.sallybowmanrealestate.com

Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Cheshire Home

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


It's that time of year ... before we know it the Cheshire area will be blanketed with the beautiful colors of red, orange, and gold leaves all over the ground and the temperatures will be dipping lower. That means we need to get rears in gear and start preparing our homes to handle the demands of the upcoming cooler season. Below is a checklist of the most common Home Maintenance jobs that need to be done in the fall. The great news is, that you can easily get them done on a weekend....and you'll be able to save a little money by tackling them now.                                                                                                 

1. Paging Dr Heat!........It's time to get your furnace a physical. Each year you need to clean and /or replace furnace filters and wipe down any dust that has accumulated around the unit. If you hear any screeching or whines, or unusual noises with the system, you should call in to have a service technician come out and check the unit before winter season sets in. If you would like a recommendation, you can call us directly or follow this link to the people we work with and recommend: SBRE Recommended Service Providers

2. Time To Get Your Mind In The Gutters! Inspect your gutters and downspouts for any clogs, and clean out the path thoroughly. Make sure this is done once the leaves are completely down from the trees at the end of the season as well. Keeping the gutters cleaned ensures that your home will not incur exterior damage to foundation walls or water in the basement. You may want to invest in mesh coverings for your gutters that will prevent any leaves or other debris from collecting in them in the future.

3. Get Yourself A View From The Top! Now that we're already talking about the top of the house we might as well stay there. It's very important to check your roof for damaged shingles before entering the winter season. Nothing is worse for a homeowner than a small drip that turns into a full blown disaster by the time they realize it's a hole in the roof! So take the time to scan the entire roof, top to bottom, looking for cracks, wind damage, curling of shingles, ones completely gone, damage to the metal flashing, etc. Once you have done your evaluation, have it repaired as soon as possible. Again, if you find yourself in need of a professional Roofer, give us a call or follow this link: SBRE Recommended Service Providers

4. Walk the Walk Baby! You really need to take a walk around your home, inspect every walkway surface. Damaged walkways are a hazard every day, but bad weather makes them even more dangerous. Look for large cracks, uneven payment, loose bricks or pavers, loose railings, etc. Once you've made your list, head over to Hines Hardware where you can find everything you'll need to make your repairs. The little time it takes to fix could potentially save you thousands in bills later on the year.

5. CHILL OUT.....or maybe we should just say FREEZE! Make sure to shut off all your exterior irrigation systems and drain the lines of the systems and hoses. Make sure to use a styrofoam faucet cover for your outdoor faucets and make sure all valves are in the closed and off position.

6. Gather 'Round the Fire. Fall and Winter are great for having fires in the fireplace, but making sure you have cleaned out the soot and creosote buildup is critical. It is also important to clean out any cobwebs and check for any bird nests or any other unwanted pests. We recommend calling in a professional if you have any questions at all.


7. Keeping the OTHER Wood fires Burning. Wood-burning stoves have made a huge comeback over the past couple years, but like fireplaces, need to be inspected to run efficiently and safely. Be sure to read and operate by the instruction manual and maintenance as required.

8. I'm Sealing Away.... This can be a big job, but a very necessary one that can help save some green on the heating bills for the year! Walk through your home and seal any gaps and cracks around windows and doors with weather-stripping or caulk. If you are going to be using caulk- especially in places like joints, corners, & places protruding from the wall- this will need to be done before the temperatures get too cool.

9. Keep it Humming! With winters dry air many of us keep the humidifier going on a constant rotation. To ensure efficient operation make sure to clean the plates or pads every 30 days or as recommended by the manufacturer. This also helps cut down on re-circulating moisture into the air that has any mold or bacteria in it that has built up in the humidifier itself.

10. Ready....Stop, now Reverse. Help with your heating bills by changing the direction of your ceiling fans. Reverse the direction of the fans and create an upward draft that redistributes the warm air from the ceiling. Also make sure to clean the blades of the fan regularly with a soapy water mixture. Dust and bacteria builds up on the blades daily and regular use also moves that through the air as well.

11. It's a Safety Dance. Make sure your family is safe. A home safety check is a ritual that should be done twice annually in every household. Test your Smoke Detectors & CO Monitors, Inspect or Install Fire Extinguishers, Review or Make a Fire Escape Plan for your Family and rid your home of any fire hazards.

12. A Few Final Notes...... Make sure to embrace the season! Put up a great fall wreath on the front door, buy a few Mums from our great local nurseries, visit a local orchard and pick some apples for baking a yummy Apple Pie and then get ready for the pumpkins!  They should be arriving fairly soon to St. Peters!!                                                                       


 If you'd like more information about home ownership in Cheshire, please give us a call or check out our website at SALLYBOWMANREALESTSATE.COM.

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Making the Cheshire CT Housing Market Easy to Understand

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Home Sales Generate $52,205 Impact on Economy

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) compiled data from research conducted by the Bureau of Economic Analysis & Macroeconomic Advisors on the economic impact of a home purchase.

After reviewing the data, they concluded that the total economic impact of a typical home sale in the United States is an astonishing $52,205.

Here is the breakdown of their report:

Economic Contributions are derived from:

Home construction

Real estate brokerage

Mortgage lending

Title insurance

Rental and Leasing

Home appraisal

Moving truck service

Other related activities

When a House is Sold in the United States:

$15,912 income is generated from real estate related industries.

New homeowners spend an additional $4,429 on consumer items such as furniture, appliances, and remodeling.

It generates an economic multiplier impact. There is a greater sense of community associated with owning a home; therefore there is greater spending at restaurants, sports games, and charity events. The size of this “multiplier” effect is estimated to be: $9,764

Additional home sales induce additional home production. Typically one new home is constructed for every 8 existing home sales. Therefore, for each existing home sale, 1/8 of new home value is added to the economy, which is estimated in the U.S. to be: $22,100

When you add the numbers up it comes to $52,205!

September 11 th A Day to Remember.....

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

It’s hard to believe 13 years have past since that tragic day. Here in Cheshire we lost a wonderful person who was a son, brother, husband, father, and good friend to many....Mark Jardin. And once again, our thoughts and prayers turn to his family and to all those who lost loved ones on September 11, thirteen years ago. 

But how can we participate to commemorate this anniversary and why is it so important 13 years later? When we choose to commemorate this anniversary, we’re playing an important role in memorializing those who lost their lives, honoring the first responders and remembering the unifying spirit that emerged afterward. Performing acts of kindness and service in our community, in memory of the victims, is one way we can participate on this day, so that the events, sacrifices and people are never forgotten.  Things have never been quite the same in the United States of America, since that tragic day. So as you go through your day, remember the victims you know, those you don’t and that we still live in the land of the free and home of brave. So today, cherish your freedom, family and friends as you remember.

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