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Getting Your Cheshire Home Ready For Fall

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

As our wonderful Cheshire summer temperatures start to finally cool, the amazing rays of the blazing sun are going to give way to gusty winds, falling leaves, and dropping temperatures. Now is the best time to prepare your home for those colder days and you're not stuck doing it when the snow is already falling! The following tips will help to save some cash as well by cutting down your energy bills.

Raise the Roof

 Few home problems are more frustrating than a leaky roof, as it’s often hard to find the exact source of the problem.  So, taking care of these things before the rain and snow begin is a good idea. 

Inspect your roof from top to bottom, searching for missing or damaged shingles. Check shingles for cracks and other damage. Look for damage to metal around vents and chimneys. Look in your gutters, if you find large granules is could be a sign that you are losing your roof’s coating. Finally, make sure your gutters are flowing freely.

Get your Mind IN the Gutter

The drainage system on your roof is extremely important, as it diverts thousands of gallons of water from your home annually, protecting your foundation and walls. So, obviously you want to keep these drains flowing smoothly.  Clogged gutters lead to basement flooding and other hard to detect damage.  They are not immune from rust and erosion either.  So, before the leaves start falling, clean your gutters! THEN put some mesh guards over them to protect from future debris.  

Hunt for Drafts

Many homes have air leaks around windows and doors, which can account fro 10% of your energy bill (according to the U.S. Department of Energy).  So, check for gaps in caulk and weather stripping.  If you don’t have weather stripping…you’re missing out!  Seriously, weather-stripping is by far the most cost-effective way to control heating and cooling costs. It will reduce drafts and keep your home comfy cozy year round.  However, this stuff does deteriorate over time, so even if you already have it, you want to inspect it each year.  

There are a couple easy techniques for checking your stripping:


  • 1) Close your door or window on a strip of paper…if the paper slides up and down easily, you have some work to do.
  • 2) Light a candle and hold it near the frame of the closed door or window…if you find the flame flickers at any point near the frame…you have a leak!


You’ll also want to check the caulk, especially near entry points for cables.  This also deteriorates over time, so you may have to re-caulk.  


Winter is coming, all men must protect their pipes. 

Close any shut-off valves to outdoor faucets…then drain the line, by opening the valve outside.  

*If you don't have shut-off valves or your faucets are not "freeze-proof “, you may benefit from styrofoam faucet covers (Check Hines Hardware)

In-ground irrigation systems should come with instructions from the manufacturer on how to freeze proof. 

Where’s your Filter?

Furnace filters trap dust that would otherwise be deposited around your home.  Clogged filters also make it harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and can seriously increase your utility bills. It’s easy to manage.  Simple monthly cleaning is all it takes to keep these filters breathing free and clear.

 Disposable filters can be vaccumed once before replacement. Foam filters can also be vaccumed but these don't need to be replaced unless they are damaged. Use a soft brush on a vacuum cleaner. If the filter is metal or electrostatic, remove and wash it with a firm water spray.  Boom, your filter is good as new.

Professional help

It's a good idea to have your heating system inspected by a professional once a year. People often wait until the last minute, so beat the rush and schedule this for the early fall, before the heating season even begins.  

See the signs:

  •     Noisy belts Weird screeches or whines may signal that belts connected to the blower motor are worn or damaged.
  •     Poor performance. A heating system that doesn't seem to work as well as it used to could mean a lot of different problems. Your heating ducts could be blocked, the burners might be misadjusted or the blower motor could be on its way out. But before you panic, check that the filter is clean.
  •     Erratic behavior. This could be caused by a faulty thermostat.

Come on Baby Light your Fire!

Even if you rarely use your fireplace, you should check it annually for damage. 

Inspect your flue for creosoteCreosote is a flammable by-product of burning wood, so if it accumulates in your chimney, you could be victim to a devastating fire. Have your chimney inspected annually for creosote buildup. If you use a fireplace frequently, then have the flue inspected after each cord of wood burned.

The best option is to have your entire chimney system inspected by a chimney sweep. Once you know what to look for, you can perform the inspection by shining a bright flashlight up the flue, looking for any deposits approaching 1/8 inch thick, though the actual cleaning of these deposits should be performed by a professional.  

Look for flue blockages. Birds love to nest at the top of an unprotected flue. A chimney cap is an easy way to prevent this.  If you don't have a cap, just take a look up the flu to be sure.

Exercise the damper. The damper is the metal plate that opens and closes the flu just above the firebox. Test the open and closed positions to ensure that it is working properly.

Check for damage. Make certain that the flue cap is in place. Inspect brick chimneys for loose or broken points. If access is a problem try using binoculars.

Keep your Humidifier Happy 

Really dry winter air is bad for your health, but did you know it can make fine wood crack easier? You and your home will feel more comfortable if you keep your central humidifier running properly. 

Inspect the plates or pads. You can clean them with laundry detergent. You should also rinse and scrape off mineral deposits (use a wire brush or steel wool). 


Anything involving gas is a huge safety issue.  Heaters that are not maintained properly can spew poisons into the air of your home, or at least it may be costing you more to operate. Have a professional check these devices annually. 

Smoke and CO Detectors 

Replace batteries in all of your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. Then vacuum them with a soft brush attachment. Test the detectors by pressing the test button or holding a smoke source (like a blown-out candle) near the unit. If you haven't already, install a smoke detector on every floor of your home, including the basement.

Fire Extinguishers 

You’d be surprised how many homes don’t have a fire extinguisher.  Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher rated for all fire types (look for an A-B-C rating on the label). Keep one near the kitchen; though having one per floor isn't a bad idea. Check the indicators on the pressure gauge to make sure the extinguisher is charged. Make sure the lock pin is intact and in place, and then make sure the discharge nozzle is not clogged.  

***Replace all Fire Extinguishers that are more than 6 Years Old & mark the date of purchase on the new unit with a permanent marker.

It's Back-To-School for Cheshire CT Kids!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

It's going to be another great Cheshire School Year!

School starts tomorrow!  Back to school time is an exciting-stressful and really important time for both parents and children, as it will set the tone and influence your child's attitude, confidence and performance for the year.  So take a deep breath and embrace the challenges of the new year.  The degree of adjustment depends on your child, but you can help manage this new pace of life by being realistic, planning and maintaining a positive attitude.  Here are some helpful tips!


Clear your schedule as much as possible.  Postpone business trips and any other extra projects you may have coming up.  You want to make sure you are free to help your child transition;  whether it's addressing their concerns and anxiety or starting a proper homework schedule.  If you are around, you child will adjust much quicker and feel less anxious about the new year.  

Make sure your child gets enough sleep.  Create a "quiet time" before bed routine.  Turn off the TV and encourage your child to do some reading or puzzles before bed....anything quiet and relaxing.  Creating a regular night time routine will help your child adjust easier and in a proper learning mindset.  

Help yourself!  Make lunches the night before, set out the kids clothing, and make sure backpacks are ready to be grabbed and run out the door.  This will take alot of stress of your morning.  If finances allow, give your child the option of buying lunch at school.  This is often exciting for kids and part of the whole school experience.  

Get up early.  Set alarm clocks, help your children set their own and praise them when they wake up by themselves the next morning.  You may want to get up even earlier this first week, which will allow for extra time to adjust to this new schedule.  You want to be sure there is enough time to get up, shower (if they haven't done it before bed the night prior), get dressed, eat a healthy breakfast and set off for school without being rushed.  

***If you have really young kids taking the bus, it may be a good idea to give them a piece of paper with the bus and teacher's name on it, as well as your cell phone number.  This will allow them to easily ask for help if they get lost at school.






Start with a snack.  Then sit down with your child and review the day and what responsibilities are expected before the next day.  Designate a specific place where homework is to be done.  Be enthusiastic when reviewing your child's homework.  Show your excitement for the subjects which will be learned this year, it will help reenforce confidence in your child.  Ensure them that learning takes time.  Encourage your child to be patient and positive.  

***If you will not be home when they arrive, make sure they know exactly what is expected of them when they come into the home. Homework? No other kids allowed? Chores? Whatever it may be, children need to know expectations and rules, and you need to be specific.

 ***Make sure to provide all emergency contact information by your telephone.  

Lastly, make sure you attend back to school night!  Introduce yourself to the teachers and find out their preferred way to communicate with parents.  Let them know you'd like to be involved in your child's education and want regular updates.

***Please pay close attention as you are driving around town, especially during the early morning and later afternoon hourswhen the kids will be arriving and leaving school for the day. It's an exciting time and kids can become distracted talking with friends, they are definately not paying close attention to cars on the road.


Quick & Easy Weeknight Dinners for the crazy first week of school:  6 Dinners in 30 Minutes or Less

Nutritious Snacks you can send to school with your kids: Sweet & Salty Snack Mix

After School Snack you make ahead of time:  Veggies & Dip

Cheshire CT Makes the List of Time Magazine's Top 50 Best Cities to Live 2015!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

Whenever someone asks me what I like about Connecticut I'm never at a loss for words, and I can usually talk their ear off for a good 45 minutes or more, pretty much non-stop. However, when I'm asked the very same question about our incredible community of Cheshire, watchout....because I can go on for a couple of hours! Seriously, if you have lived in Cheshire for any length of time, you really realize the treasure we have in our little niche of Connecticut.

As of today Cheshire just received another piece of fantastic news, we are in the TOP 50 BEST PLACES TO LIVE for Time Magazines 2015. Along with that was the recent revelation of Neighborhood Scout's List of the TOP 100 SAFEST NEIGHBORHOODS/TOWNS in which Cheshire was also recognized and ranked #10! Absolutely Amazing! This is the type of community that many parents have only dreamed of building for their families. It's no wonder we've had so many more families moving into the area....and no doubt, many more to come.


What were the rankings based on? Time Magazine looked at a multitude of variables:


  • * Total Population- 29,633
  • * Median Income- $110,738
  • * Job Growth - 5%
  • * Median Home Price- $285,375.
  • * Property Taxes- $6352.



Cheshire Residents take pride in the history of their 18th century farming village that turned into a manufacturing hub by the 20th century. Today, Cheshire is known for it's Excellent Schools, Healthy Residents, Low Unemployment (3.8%), Easy Commute to nearby Jobs in Danbury, New haven, and Hartford.  

Learn more, or read the entire Time Magazine report by clicking on this link: Top 50 Cities to Live 2015

Bottom line: Cheshire is a GREAT place to live. If you'd like more information on our amazing community give us a call or stop in our office.  You can also visit our website at If you're interested in viewing homes for sale, follow this link: Homes for Sale in Cheshire.

We're here to help in any way we can, just let us know how we can best serve you!


The Top 10 Restaurants in Cheshire CT!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


Cheshire has so many GREAT restaurants to choose from, depending on your mood and purpose of the meal. 

Here are the Top 10 Restaurants in Cheshire....according to Yelp.
Do you agree?  If not, tell us who you'd pick!

1. Viron Rondo Osteria

Amazing new restaurant! An Osteria (Italian) was originally a place serving wine and simple food.  The menus are usually short and tend to focus on local ingredients.  Beginning with complimentary olives and fresh bread, this place won't disappoint.  Viron seems to make everything from scratch, don't quote me on it, but it sure does taste like it.  The Homemade goat cheese and arugula ravioli is incredible, and if you have room, get the tiramisu!

2. Rossini's Italian Restaurant

The "go to" Pizza place in Cheshire!  For over 30 years Rossini's has been a Cheshire tradition. Not too fancy, but a fantastic place to go for just about any occasion. They've been part of Cheshire since Valentine's Day in 1979....and the day couldn't be more appropriate for Rossini's, they're Italian after all, and Love & Italians go hand in hand!  As a family owned business, the friendly atmosphere is just what you are looking for in a local restaurant.  You will never get anything less than authentic, fresh and delicious food from the Fusco Family here! 

3. China Dragon

Every town needs a great Chinese Restaurant, and this it!  With an excellent menu of great variety & fantastic service, this is a favorite for quick Chinese food.  Plus their staff is very friendly and will always get your meal to you in record time. Everyone in town seems to have their favorite food item on their menu. 

4. CJ Sparrow and Pub Eatery

Located in a small plaza just off Route 10, this Pub is one of my favorite places.  CJ Sparrow's is known for bringing the good people of Cheshire together with their fantastic fresh, hand crafted comfort food, relaxed atmosphere and awesome selection of cold beverages! They are known for their "Attitude-Free" friendly staff and generous portions of fine, tasty fare!  Simply put...a great hometown pub where you can be yourself, relax and kick back with your family and friends while enjoying the best pub grub and brew.  They bring the best of Cheshire together under one roof. If you haven't been to CJ's, it's a stop you need to make. Check them out to see what the chirpin' is all about!

5. Blackies Hot Dog Stand

This.... This is an absolute must!  One of my favorites and a favorite of many Cheshire residents, this is truly a unique experience.  You can't come to Cheshire & not have a Blackies dog! It's all about the relish at this hot dog stand!   Family owned since 1925, Blackies has been delighting patrons with their hot dogs smothered in the Blackman Family's secret relish for over 90 years. Did you know that Blackies goes way beyond Cheshire's a Connecticut institution! What started as a gas station that served hot dogs, has developed into one of the most sought after hot dog stands in New England!  And, don't expect to get french fries here...they don't make em', never have, but make sure you grab a birch beer, the perfect way to wash down the best hot dog in the world.  Check out the website for more of Blackies rich history.    

6. The Waverly Inn

The Waverly Inn has been a landmark in Cheshire since 1896, formerly a home, it was transformed into a swanky Inn, and has been a hit ever since.  The menu is extensive, with something for everyone and the drinks are spectacular.  The perfect place for a business lunch or dinner, and a favorite of mine for years! Visit the website for more of the amazing Cheshire history and to view the extensive menu. They also do banquets for any occasion!

7. Sweet Pea

Very unique & absolutely delicious!  The best take out you can get in Cheshire!  They are devoted to cooking innovative, fresh and interesting foods, but also realize you may just need some good ol' comfort food, so the menu pleases everyone.  A lot of healthy eats and unique dishes you won't find anywhere else, prepared, whenever possible, with fresh local ingredients


8. Toro Sushi

In the mood for Japanese?  Toro is the place to go.  Chef Tony Chen uses his vast 12 years of experience to bring Cheshire the fresh, quality sushi that is very often hard to find. Tony handpicks the fish daily, and let's the magic begin when he takes his catch back to the kitchen.  The menu is extensive and the staff makes sure that every patron feels welcome & comfortable. Whichever Sushi Roll or devine dish you order at this excellent establishment, you can be sure it will tantalize your tastebuds!

9.  Rose Dairy

Starting in Cheshire in 1951, in a small white building selling soft serve ice cream in the south end of Cheshire, Rose Dairy has a long history in Cheshire. The Barbato Family has carried on the sweet tradition of the cold, creamy treat that their great grandfather started, and named after his wife, long ago. Only now you can also get their fantastic burgers and fries, and an extended menu that wasn't there back in the 50's. But the ice cream is still the star here, obviously, Dairy is in the name.  The perfect spot to relax on a warm summer evening.  Great food.  Great service.  Great ice cream!  Head over to a great family tradition, for a family night cap!  

10. The Funky Monkey Cafe and Gallery

To call the Funky Monkey a great restaurant, would be a little misleading as it is also a great gallery, music venue and art market of sorts.  The Funky Monkey offers an ever changing menu of fresh food, art and music, and that's not all.  The venue features jewelry makers, comedians, story tellers, author nights and much much more.  It's always fresh and interesting here and the menu is the same.  Think creative comfort food, which features many vegan, organic, and dairy and gluten free dishes...and don't be fooled, it doesn't make them any less delicious.  They also have unique deserts and a great craft beer and wine menu, as well as fair trade organic coffees.  Could this place get any cooler?...probably, as they are always doing something new.  So let your hair down and check out the Funky Monkey, you're gonna love it!

We'd love to hear your feedback!  Do you have a favorite that's not on the list?  Tell us about them, and we'll be sure to include them in our research for our next list.


by Sally Bowman Real Estate

It just keeps getting better and better to be a Cheshite! One of the many things that make our community of Cheshire so great is the emphasis that is placed on the education of our young people. When families are moving to the Cheshire area one of the first questions we are asked is about our school system. It is important to families, even to individuals buying homes. A community with a great school system not only show's the committment to the young people and future growth & well being of the community, it also add's value to your home! 

     Cheshire High School has been ranked #13 in the Top 20 High Schools in Connecticut!

According to Niche's recent report, Cheshire High School placed number 13th in the list of top 20 High Schools in Connecticut!  Based on dozens of statistics and opinions from test scores, evaluations, educators, administrators, students and parents.  Niche ranked more than 100,000 public and private schools across the country. In Connecticut, Cheshire ranked #13 out of 480 High Schools!!! Cheshire's scores are outstanding:



The average graduation rate is 98% almost 16% higher than the national average of 82.2%

The average GPA is 3.2-3.82


The average SAT score is 100 points above the national average at 1820

The average ACT score is 3 points higher than the national average at 29


The student to teacher ratio is 14:1, again, beating the national average of 16:1 

There are 104 full time teachers at the school

Average Teacher Salary: $75,616

Teacher Absenteeism: 15.2 %

Teachers in First/Second Year: 3.6 %

 For the full Niche Report Visit the Best Public High Schools In Connecticut

Having a 14:1 student to teacher ratio is something you cannot find in school systems today! It's very rare, and gives a strong foundation for the Cheshire students learning platform. Teachers are able to give more one on one attention, and build their curriculum and classroom learning style based on low numbers. 

Cheshire High School was also awarded the TOP 20 SCHOOLS for BEST TEACHERS! To me, that was the icing on the cake...and something that our teachers truly deserved. The Teachers at Cheshire High School are dedicated, caring individuals who do their best to make sure each child has the tools necessary to succeed in their classes, and graduate to the next level. 

Take a look for yourself at all the categories, and how well Cheshire High School placed in all of them. We have a lot to be proud of ...and thankful to be part of this excellent community!

If you're interested in a home in the Cheshire community, give us a call at 203-272-2828. You can also visit our website at:  or this link for a quick home search:  Homes for Sale in Cheshire

Getting Our Cheshire Kids Ready for School!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

It's time to say "Goodbye" to summer, and "Hello" to another School year! It can be tough time getting our kids back in school mode after a long, fun summer vacation, and for some kids it can be done right stressful. Helping kids start making that transition now before the school year even begins can be very helpful...even for the older kids, just in different ways. Getting back on a regular meal & sleep schedule is a great place to start! From there, talking about school, visiting the school (for the younger kids), letting them know what is going to be expected of them and getting their lives "in order" to make the most of the school year. It really does help prepare them both physically and mentally for what the school year has in store, and so they can do their best.

Here are some tips to get you started:


Build Excitement! 

Get your children ready for school, by making it fun.  Back to school shopping is a perfect way to do this.  Bring the whole family out for a shopping trip!  Have the kids make their shopping list (I'm not saying buy everything on it...just let them make the list).  Let them pick out their school supplies; notebooks, pens & pencils, backpacks, things that are fairly harmless. Then have them cross things off the list as you go. This actually accomplishes two things- 1) They get excited that they are making progress & getting ready for school 2) Teaches organizational skills that all kids usually need.  


Establish a school year schedule

Start getting them back to an established meal & sleep schedule that resembles a more normal routine. Many times in the summer we get much further away from our normal routines to take family vacation, short trips, or even just to spend days along the shore. Remember, kids thrive with routines & schedules. It's part of their security and helps them do better in school and even with friends.  Biggest part....they need to get a good nights sleep. Start now with the earlier bedtimes!  Even for the older kids.

Talk about school often

Ask them questions.  Discuss anxieties.  Keep the door of communication open and ask a lot of questions.  Stay engaged with your child. Play games with the little ones that will get them used to answering questions and conversing with adults and sharing with others. 

A Few Days To Go:

Back To School Activities
Find back to school activities for your school; meet and greets with teachers, back to school dances, Open Houses and more. Participation in these events really paves for the way for a great start to the school year.  Many schools have a variety of events as school approaches.  Check their websites or visit the school office.

Practice your morning routine
Figure out how long it takes to get everyone ready and out the door.  If your kids are walking… walk the route with them.  If they ride the bus, try to meet the bus driver before the first day of school with your child to ease anxieties.  Help them feel completely confident about the process.


Check yourself
Know what you need in order to keep these busy morning smooth.  Any prep you can do the night before usually makes for an easier morning.  Make lunches, get coffee ready, review homework, etc.  Practice your own routine before the school year stresses arrive.  


A little planning can make back-to-school time more exciting and fun rather than hectic and exhausting!  


Follow the links below, for more information and events for your Cheshire School:

Cheshire Public Schools  

Elementary Schools

Highland Elementary School  Norton Elementary School  Doolittle Elementary School  Saint Bridget School

Middle Schools

Dodd Middle School  Cheshire Academy

High Schools

Cheshire High School  Cheshire Academy


Cheshire CT Night at the Rock Cats!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


What a great start to the weekend! Watching AA Baseball on a summer, Friday night with family & friends. We had an awesome time at the 1st Annual Cheshire Night with the Rock Cats !

Since I was a little girl, I've been playing baseball with my brothers on fields and parks all over Cheshire. For many of us, that's how we grew up. We remember the first time we went to a professional or AA baseball game with our fathers, and we reminisce about a favorite family past time; and going to the ballpark. That's the feeling we all had Friday night in New Britain, at the Rock Cat Stadium.  All the kids that joined us received a dodgeball with the Rock Cats logo from SBRE.  They can take that back home for the hours of fun in the neighborhood playing with their friends, just like we all did. The evening started with snacks and drinks and lots of great conversations.


The game started with me throwing out the first pitch! I've played softball for years, even on the collegiate level, but this was a surreal feeling being out on the field! The Rock Cats played a great game starting off with outfielder David Dahl's solo home run and ending the game with a 6-5 win over the Erie Sea Wolves.                      

We had fun in the stands too....winning the T-shirts shot into the stands; the little ones LOVING the stadium food (and pondering the next sugary treat); enjoying the good company; and cheering our team to victory. The Cheshites were represented well by both young and old(er).

Thank you to everyone who came out to represent our town & to make the night so much fun!

#CheshireNightatTheRockCats  #SallyBowmanRealEstate #Family #Friends #SummerFun #AABaseball #RockCats

Connecticut Schools System Among Best In The Country

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

A very special congrats and thank you to our Connecticut teachers, school systems and ofcourse students for representing our state so well and helping to be ranked 9th best school system in the US!

According to a new study, conducted to encourage parents to help their children realize their full potential, Connecticut has one of the best school systems in the country.



The personal finance website ranked the state as ninth on its list of 2015’s states with the best and worst school systems.

The study compared the quality of education in all 50 states and the District of Columbia by analyzing 13 key metrics, including, pupil to teacher ratio, dropout rates, standardized test scores and bullying incident rates.

Our state was 27th in bullying, 22nd in math test scores, 4th in reading test scores, 7th in pupil to teacher ratio, 10th in dropout rate and 28 in safety.

Topping the list were our friends in Massachusetts followed by Colorado.

Bringing up the rear were D.C. and Alaska.

Our Highschools are getting recognized as well!

Recently, according to U.S. News Best High Schools rankings, Connecticut has 14 gold medal schools, 35 silver medal schools and 9 bronze medal schools. Lucky for us, one of the bronze medal winners, Sports & Med Science, is in Hartford.


(In order to be eligable, a school must be awarded a Gold or Silver Medal)

1. Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy

2. Amistad Academy 

3. Academy of Aerospace and Engineering

4. Conard High School

5. Weston High School

6. Simsbury High School

7. Staples High School

8. Darien High School

9. Wilton High School

10. Farmington High School

Cheshire CT Summer Is Sweet In Connecticut...Sweet Corn that is!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate

I like to think that we in Cheshire, CT enjoy our summers more than anywhere else in America, especially for reasons like our early access to sweet corn. Connecticut leads the Northeast in sweet corn production and we're always earlier than our neighbors.  Our farmers stay on the cutting edge of agricultural technology, allowing the corn to grow quicker and more efficiently, without sacrficing the natural goodness that we have all grown up with all these years. Sweet corn is among the most, if not the most popular, of Connecticut grown vegetables.  Around 300 farmers work a total of 4500 acres to grow the crop, producing more than 37 million ears annually, (about 11 ears per person each year if you're doing the math), and this year was another successful season. If you haven't already, expect to see sweet corn popping up at our farmers’ markets or our local grocery stores;  pick some up and enjoy yet another perk of living in Cheshire.  

Want to get it fresh from the farm stands? Here's the best of Cheshire!

Arisco Farms, LLC  Cheshire, CT 

 Arisco Farms, a family owned and operated farm located right here in Cheshire and a favorite among the locals, who can visit the green houses of Arisco and buy fresh, high quality produce through November.  One of their specialties, yup, you guessed it, sweet corn! They also sell some of the best fresh baked pies in the area.  Stay up to date with all their weekly/monthly specials by visiting their Facebook page.


 Zentek Farms Cheshire, CT

Zentek Farms has been a staple in Cheshire for over 100 years.  They provide produce for wholesale and for regular consumers at their farm stand.  There is a lot of buzz that Zentek sells the "best corn in town", but we'll let you decide.  They also sell a variety of potted and hanging plants as well as other fresh produce...and their "pick your own program" makes for a fun summer afternoon.  Keep an eye out for them at your local farmers market! 


Norton Bros, Cheshire,CT

Norton Brothers Farm has been a Cheshire tradition since the 1700's! They are a place to bring the family for an outing! Come and pick your own fruit, have a picnic, shop in our farm stand or watch the bees making honey. whatever you choose to won't be disappointed! They also have the sweetest, sweet corn around, according to the folks at Norton. In the fall you can count on Norton Bros for Hay rides, pumpkins, scarecrows, and Christmas trees. The fun never ends...and neither does the delicious fruit and vegetables!

As to the burning question of ...WHO HAS THE BEST SWEET CORN IN CHESHIRE?  We'll leave that up to you!  All 3 of these spectacular farm stands had EXCELLENT SWEET CORN from our taste buds point of view!

Check out the Connecticut Department Of Agriculture website for a full list of local farms in the area and what each provides your community. 

If you'd like more information about our wonderful community of Cheshire, give us a call! We'd love to give you a tour of our town and show you why we've been selected #5 Best Town to Live in Connecticut You can also visit our website and checkout homes that are available.  If you'd like, you can sign up for our Preferred Email List and be notified FIRST of any homes that meet your personal preferences, as soon as they come onto the market!  Just follow this link: EXCLUSIVE EMAIL HOME SEARCH              We love our community of Cheshire...and know you will too!

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Cheshire CT Homes are Moving Faster than a NASCAR Driver!

by Sally Bowman Real Estate


It's been a crazy busy week here at the Sally Bowman Real Estate offices! As quickly as homes are being listed....they are going UNDER CONTRACT and being SOLD! If you've been following the Real Estate market, you've undoubtedly been hearing the comparisons to the real estate boom back in 2007.  In Cheshire, I don't think we're back to those numbers yet, but we're definitely on track to getting there!

Here's what the Cheshire market looks like right now:

                                                Cheshire Housing Market Update

Average Sales Price- Single Family Home- $368,500. (Up 9.9%)

Median Sales Price - Single Family Homes- $337, 500. (Up 8.5%)

Number of Homes Sold- Single Family Homes- 78 

Average Days on the Market- 69 (awesome!)

** Rental prices in New Haven County have increased a whopping 17.54% in the 2nd quarter of 2015 with the average rental unit price being $2124.

If you were looking at a particular home on our site, you may want to check the list below to see if it's still available. If you don't see it here, follow-up with your real estate agent. We have several more closings coming up this week!

1430 Highland Ave, Cheshire, CT           101 Highland, Wallingford, CT






476 Wood Hill Rd, Cheshire, CT               1315 Meadow, Cheshire  



520 Squire Hill Rd, Cheshire, CT            100 Strathmore Dr, Cheshire



80 Spring St, Cheshire                       249 Maple Ave, Cheshire 


Like I's been a very busy week, and houses are going under contract quickly.  If you haven't yet done so, make sure to sign up for our Preferred Email Listing Alerts. This is an exclusive service that allows you to provide your personal preferences and in return be notified of NEW properties that come onto the market...FIRST- even before other real estate agents. The properties you will receive will be homes that fit YOUR personal preferences ONLY, instead of a bunch of random homes that you need to rifle through, wasting your valuable time.  It only takes a few moments. Just follow this link: EXCLUSIVE EMAIL LISTING ALERTS

If you're a Cheshire Home owner and considered SELLING your home, NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO DO IT!  Give us a call and we'll be happy to come over and go through your home with you and help you get it ready for the market.  

Not sure what your home may be worth in this new, housing market growth? Get a Free, No Obligation Home Value Report....instantly! Just click on this link:  FREE CHESHIRE HOME VALUE REPORT

 SALLY BOWMAN REAL ESTATE....."Opening Doors to New Homes, One House at a Time!"

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