Cheshire Village Neighborhood

Cheshire Village Neighborhood

Cheshire Village is a census-designated place within Cheshire, CT. The area encompasses much of the center of town and is known for its historic homes and commercial areas. The area was settled later than the outer three settlements in town, but quickly became the link between them. The Congregational Church, and the Town Green, was built in 1724. Before the end of the century, the Cheshire Academy and The Episcopal Academy followed suit and opened in the center of Cheshire.  The Academy is the oldest, continually run school in Connecticut and tenth in the US. Cheshire Village has also added several newer developments in the last century, which complement the historic homes in the area.

The Town Green is truly the center of Cheshire, CT in more than one way. It holds many town events as it has done for many decades. From town meetings, holiday programs to festivals the "Town Green" on the First Congregational Church grounds, is the meeting place for many of Cheshire's important events still today.

Homes in Cheshire Village range from Historic Colonials to Colonials and Ranch homes built within the past 50 years. The quinnticential New England charm that makes Cheshire so special can be seen everywhere throughout the Cheshire Village neighborhood.

It's location in the center of Cheshire lends itself perfectly to shopping, entertainment andrestaurant destinations. If you're looking for a home that has the perfect location suited for walking to schools, stores and other venues...the Cheshire Village may be the perfect location for you! 

Would you like to check out what options are available to you for shopping, dining and entertainment in Cheshire Village? Feel free to use our Walk Score tool below!


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