The contest was held, the votes cast and counted, and the results are in.  Now all I can say is....THANK YOU, THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO ME AND TO SALLY BOWMAN REAL ESTATE!

I love the town of Cheshire and all the people I have the opportunity to work with everyday.  I'm thankful for all our past clients and friends and all the new ones we get to meet on a daily basis. Those of you who know me well, know that I live and breathe Cheshire. I truly believe there isn't a better place to live, or a better community of individuals to call our family, friends and neighbors. Cheshire has the all quaintness of the quintessential small New England town with the amenities to rival the larger cities around us in Connecticut. That's why we were named one of the Best Small Town Place to Live, after all! There is a rich history to our town, and many of the families that live here. But what makes this community so special is the open arms that exist to welcome every new neighbor that chooses to make Cheshire their home. 

I know you have many choices for your Real Estate needs, and I am grateful that you have chosen me as the Best Real Estate Agent 2015, and Sally Bowman Real Estate as a Top Choice Best Real Estate Agency 2015, whenever the opportunity to serve your real estate needs may arise. We appreciate you and the trust you have put in us. THANK YOU!


                          A WINNING COMBINATION