Whenever someone asks me what I like about Connecticut I'm never at a loss for words, and I can usually talk their ear off for a good 45 minutes or more, pretty much non-stop. However, when I'm asked the very same question about our incredible community of Cheshire, watchout....because I can go on for a couple of hours! Seriously, if you have lived in Cheshire for any length of time, you really realize the treasure we have in our little niche of Connecticut.

As of today Cheshire just received another piece of fantastic news, we are in the TOP 50 BEST PLACES TO LIVE for Time Magazines 2015. Along with that was the recent revelation of Neighborhood Scout's List of the TOP 100 SAFEST NEIGHBORHOODS/TOWNS in which Cheshire was also recognized and ranked #10! Absolutely Amazing! This is the type of community that many parents have only dreamed of building for their families. It's no wonder we've had so many more families moving into the area....and no doubt, many more to come.


What were the rankings based on? Time Magazine looked at a multitude of variables:


  • * Total Population- 29,633
  • * Median Income- $110,738
  • * Job Growth - 5%
  • * Median Home Price- $285,375.
  • * Property Taxes- $6352.



Cheshire Residents take pride in the history of their 18th century farming village that turned into a manufacturing hub by the 20th century. Today, Cheshire is known for it's Excellent Schools, Healthy Residents, Low Unemployment (3.8%), Easy Commute to nearby Jobs in Danbury, New haven, and Hartford.  

Learn more, or read the entire Time Magazine report by clicking on this link: Top 50 Cities to Live 2015

Bottom line: Cheshire is a GREAT place to live. If you'd like more information on our amazing community give us a call or stop in our office.  You can also visit our website at www.sallybowmanrealestate.com. If you're interested in viewing homes for sale, follow this link: Homes for Sale in Cheshire.

We're here to help in any way we can, just let us know how we can best serve you!